Bridge is not for everyone

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That’s right ladies and gentlemen, we said it. 

Bridge is not for everyone. Our game serves a niche market. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t for plenty.

Clubs and tournaments, for someone to be interested in your product it requires a major prerequisite — knowledge of how to play bridge. Remember, that doesn’t mean they have to be experts, just that they can play. Make sure you offer games for all skill levels, perhaps with a stronger emphasis on limited games. This will ensure that your product (duplicate bridge) can get the share of the market it deserves.

Teachers, your product doesn’t necessarily require any prerequisite knowledge, though some may posit it is much harder to entice a person who has had no prior exposure to bridge. An old marketing adage says that your target market should align with your best customer. So who is bridge’s best customer?

Female Nearly 65% of new ACBL members are female. Of course, this doesn’t mean males shouldn’t still be a part of your marketing effort, but advertising your service in publications or places that are frequented by females will give you the best chances of a positive result.

Retired  It’s no secret that bridge is enjoyed by an aging population. The average age of a new member is 65. While it is assumed that is because this is an age group with prior exposure to the game, time and disposable income are also significant factors in why bridge sees success with this audience.

Educated – In a member survey conducted about five years ago, 41% of respondents self-identified as having received a graduate or professional degree. Interestingly, this data point matches well with that of listeners of National Public Radio (NPR), which lists “well-educated lifelong learners” as a part of its audience profile. NPR goes as far to say that a significant portion of its listeners have a doctorate or other post-graduate degree.

Keep these audiences in mind when launching your next advertising campaigns. Looking for some advice on how to best spend a limited marketing budget? We really liked this article from 

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 4.21.11 PMThe A-Z Guide is back and updated! One of our most asked about resources, the A-Z Guide is the perfect tool for making your new members feel comfortable. After a quick read, they will be well versed on the language of the ACBL and bridge.


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