Small rewards

thumbs_upA solid business is built around happy customers.

When your players/students/members are engaged and happy, research shows they stick around longer, buy more (play more!) and refer their friends. There are numerous ways you can engage your current customers, several of which we have discussed before on this blog. Engagement is everything!

One of the best ways to engage is through recognition of achievements. Learning and playing bridge is no easy feat, and everyone enjoys kudos for their hard work – especially beginners. An easy way to encourage them is by using certificates.

Teachers – Try giving certificates for new skills learned. First finesse, first slam or even first game are all appropriate recognitions.

Clubs – Your players will want something a little different. A certificate for most games played in a certain time period, having a big game or even a peer-voted “partner of the month” award are some ideas.

TournamentsCertificates can be a nice feature to your Intermediate/Newcomer program. Give them out for section tops, big games or even most good will. Zero tolerance is an important feature for new tournament players, so recognizing those who exemplify it may help encourage others.

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What kind of awards and/or recognition does your club, class or tournament give to its players?
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To compliment this blog post, we’ve added certificate templates. You can make these as serious or fun as you like. There are three different designs, each with sample text, but everything can be edited to meet your needs.


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