Get the attention you deserve

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One of the most cost effective ways to create top of mind awareness about bridge within your community is through public relations.
Here are a few basic tips for getting the attention you deserve:

Be newsworthy. Does your story or event appeal to a broad audience, or would it only be of interest to bridge players? When pitching stories to the media it is imperative that it has mass appeal. For example:

  • A large group of youth learning to play or participating in a tournament. Bonus if their parents claim bridge has helped them with their social skills or grades.
  • A club player turning 100+ years old who says their secret to healthy aging is playing bridge.
  • A charity event (like The Longest Day) or a partnership that makes people feel good. Perhaps you have partnered with your local association of the deaf to teach bridge to the hearing impaired.
Have a call to action. If you don’t have a beginner bridge class or a way for an absolute newbie to get involved, any media attention you receive may not correlate into more players. The ability for the general public to engage with your story is almost an absolute must for media attention.

Say thank you. Did a newspaper give you even the smallest blurb? Maybe a television station promoted your event. At minimum, make sure you are following up with an email to thank the reporter for the coverage. Let them know you’ll keep them informed of any other news happening in the bridge community.

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It can be difficult to explain the game of bridge to a reporter with limited time. We’ve created a media infographic that gives a brief explanation of the game, the ACBL and how bridge is a game for all ages. There are also press release templates available for a variety of topics on the Resource Center. Modify one of ours, or simply use it as inspiration to create your own.


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