Let’s strike a chord

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cord_image“A cord is a single strand that connects. You can strike a cord, but not much happens. A chord, on the other hand, is the resonance of multiple cords, more than one vibrating together. That’s rare, and worth seeking out. It probably won’t happen if you don’t do it on purpose.”
– Seth Godin, Marketing Blogger

Bridge players are very lucky to belong to such a smart, motivated community because growing the game is a job that cannot be done alone. Each group — members, teachers, clubs, units, districts, and headquarters — has their own goals and agenda. Their own “cord,” if you will. Each group’s unique sound is important.

How often have you entertained an idea that you knew didn’t truly match your goals? Or the reverse — how often have you asked another group to set aside their overarching goals to help you achieve one of yours?

Halfway through the calendar year is an excellent time to revisit the goals you set for your teaching program, club, tournament or unit/district support system. Determine if there is anything keeping you from taking the necessary steps to achieve what you set out to do.

When each of us serves our unique purpose, we create an unstoppable force — we can strike a chord.

club_news-02Check out these new features in the club manager section of your MyACBL portal.

The ability to update your online club profile page. This page is a great marketing tool as it is accessed by thousands of members who click on the Find a Club page on the ACBL website. You can update your club website URL, add a photo and provide information to members about your club including days and hours of operation.

Your club’s table counts with Overall, District and Unit rankings going back to 1991. This page includes graphs with yearly comparisons.

Your club table counts by month going back to 1991. With this you can view your table count trends by month, including comparison graphs to spot trends.

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