Marketing for impact

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A lot goes into marketing the game of bridge. In addition to providing resources for clubs, teachers and tournaments to promote themselves and the game at the grassroots level, the ACBL Marketing Department executes several behind-the-scenes campaigns we hope increase your traffic!

In March, a major placement was secured with the AARP Bulletin. Titled Fringe Benefits of Bridge? Brainpower, the story will reach an estimated 20 million people. Several clubs have already reported an increase in phone traffic inquiring about learning and playing. You can leverage this coverage to your benefit by including a link to the story on your websites and in any media pitches.


Since the beginning of the year we have been advertising on Bridge Base Online on your behalf. The “We saved you a seat…” ad campaign has already generated several hundred click-throughs. Once clicked, the user is redirected to a list of bridge clubs near them.

We also regularly reach out to lapsed members as well as non-member players who have provided us with contact information. Please help us to help you by inputting non-member player information into ACBLscore.

So when someone new contacts you or comes to play, make sure to ask them how they heard about you and the game of bridge. We want to focus our efforts where they have the most impact, so please let us know which methods are working best.


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