Night Life

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 club moon in the sky-01-01The Club Manager and Teacher Roundtable at the Summer NABC offered a great collaborative environment.

One of the topics that received particular attention during the discussion was encouraging more participation in evening activities.

Popular suggestions included shorter games (12-18 boards) and newcomer games, but there were other ideas mentioned, too. If you see that your demographic could grow in this area, look at the options below.



food-03Offer a light meal. Many are ready for dinner between 6-7 p.m. When you are coaxing players to come to evening games or classes, some sandwiches or other light fare can lead players to join in after a day at work. It can tide them over before eating something later at home.

cards-02-02Couple games with another activity. A session of Bridge Bingo helps transition a day of work to a night of play. Offer a free play to the winner. You could also teach a mini-lesson.

friends-04 Let a friend play for free. There are usually people looking for an activity for a night out with a friend or friends. Offer them a choice besides a night at bar or at the movies! Allowing players to bring a friend for free will make the night more enticing.

Have you had success with evening games or lessons? Share them in our Tricks of the Trade forum!

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