Join together for impact

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screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-2-28-25-pmEvery day in the Marketing Department at the ACBL we receive calls and emails from teachers and clubs who are passionate about spreading the game of bridge.

Most want to know how they can get more students and players. While there isn’t a simple solution to this desire, the ACBL offers a myriad of marketing tools, templates and even funding. All these resources will be most effective when we work together.

Without quality teachers, there would be no new players joining our game. More than ever, teachers need our support. They need us encouraging our interested friends to take lessons, and they need a community to find quality lessons and a place to share best practices. Teachers, if you haven’t already, consider joining the American Bridge Teachers’ Association so you can continually improve.abta

If it weren’t for clubs, none of us would have a location to develop the skills learned in bridge lessons. Remember the majority of new players are looking for an unintimidating bridge experience. Clubs, work with the beginner bridge teachers in your area to help provide that. Teachers, encourage your students to attend limited and relaxed games so their first foray into the bridge world is a positive one.

At the ACBL, we’re doing our part to reinforce your work. All first-year members receive monthly coaching emails to help them navigate the world of bridge, and the Bridge Bulletin is providing more content for newcomers. It’s our goal to make sure any new members you send our way leave thirsty for more of what our wonderful game has to offer.

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