The power of Facebook

screen-shot-2017-01-05-at-2-51-47-pmThere is nothing better than having a club manager tell us about their success.

It’s even sweeter when we get to share it with you! For an investment of just a couple hundred dollars, Silvana Zangri, owner of Sagamore Bridge Club in Syosset NY, got 37 new students to walk through her doors. Silvana skipped traditional media, like newspapers or radio, and instead placed an ad in a location where 83% of all baby boomers reside – Facebook.

With features that allow you to specify the location, age range, gender, interests and more, Facebook maximizes your ad dollars by only showing your ad to the exact audience you’re trying to reach. Once customized, the ad will appear as a sponsored post in the target audience’s newsfeeds.

facebook-iconThe ultimate goal is to bring new players to your club, so Facebook users who like or share the post are also important. When someone engages with your post by liking, commenting or sharing, the post may be seen by their other friends in the social network. And you’re in luck because Facebook usage statistics show that boomers share more posts than any other demographic! While your ad is running, you’ll be able to view analytics on how it’s performing and make adjustments.

Of the 37 new players who attended Sagamore Bridge Club’s introductory bridge course, 35 signed up to take beginner bridge lessons. Silvana estimates that if 28 move into duplicate and play once every other week, the return on investment for this one ad could be nearly $10,000 annually!

screen-shot-2017-01-05-at-2-12-38-pmReady to try advertising on social media? If you don’t already have one, create a business page for your club or class on Facebook. It takes a few minutes, but Facebook steps you through the process. Your page will need a photo. There are pictures available for download in the clip art section of the Resource Center that are suitable for use on your page and your ad.

We’re going to dedicate several of the next posts on Tricks of the Trade to teaching you how to maximize the social network to meet your growth goals. High conversion rates  don’t just happen because of an ad. Next post we’ll cover the offline tactics you need for success. Later Silvana will lead you through the exact steps you will take to launch a Facebook ad campaign.


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