The Power of Facebook, Part III

Over the last month we have discussed why Facebook is such a powerful marketing tool and covered the offline must-dos to position your campaign for maximum success.

Today we are closing out our Facebook series with specific instructions for how you can create an ad to promote your club or class.

Before you can create an ad, you need a business page. We provided some tips in the first series installment. To create an ad campaign in Facebook’s ad creation tool, go to Ads Manager and click Create Campaign.

First, choose the objective of your ad. For promoting your club or class, select “local awareness.” Then name the campaign.

Next, identify the audience that will view the ad. How you target the audience is one of the more important parts of setting up your ad. Facebook offers a variety of demographics, characteristics and interests to choose from. Select the combination you feel would be most interested in your club or class. It’s OK to start out with a smaller target audience. If your ad isn’t performing to your desired results, you can always widen the audience mid-campaign.

Then, set the budget. We recommend a lifetime budget rather than a daily budget. $200 can go a long way online! Once your budget is set, choose to optimize your ad for “post engagement.” Next, choose the start and end date for the campaign. Unless you specify otherwise, Facebook will automatically show your ad to your desired audience and bill you per impressions.

Last, create your ad. Select a format for the ad. We recommend single image or carousel. There is stock photography available for download in the Resource Center that will be appropriate for the ad image. Finally, you’ll need some text for your ad. See below for a sample. All that is left is to select “Place Order” to publish your ad.

Join us for a Facebook web chat on February 17 at 6 p.m. ET. Watch Silvana Zangri of Sagamore Bridge Club as she creates her own Facebook ad. Ask questions and get feedback from your peers. Click here for more information and to register to participate. There are only 50 available spots for this class!

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