Ideas for reaching younger players

Several club managers and teachers discussed their tactics for introducing bridge to younger players at the recent Gatlinburg Roundtable.

Because targeting youths can be challenging, we want to share their ideas.

A popular approach was to host afterschool or day camps. This would be especially good for the upcoming summer break! Not only is this an opportunity to reach kids outside of school (where it can be difficult to start a program), you will create a stronger connection with the parents, who can help keep students committed. For summer programs, consider adding another activity along with bridge to break up the day such as tennis or bowling.

Another suggestion was to pitch your lessons to those who are homeschooled. Many of these students and parents are part of a larger association that pools their resources. Contact the group in your area and point out the benefits of learning bridge. There is a helpful handout for this on the Resource Center. To find an association, just Google “homeschool and [your city]”.

Finally, one club discussed its grandparent/grandchild game. Held on Saturday mornings, it’s another opportunity to reach younger generations.

Have you had success with younger players outside of school systems? Let us know by emailing


Webinar note: Many of you attended the recent Resource Center 101 webinar. If you weren’t able to make it, it’s now on our website at We discussed how to find, order and download popular items and how to customize a PDF.

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