Invite former players to return

Noticing that some players haven’t been around lately?

While it’s always important to attract new bridge players, it’s also essential to reconnect with those who used to play when you promote your club.

If you have a record of players who haven’t returned to your club for a while, now is the time to reach out to them again. To help, we’ve developed templates for postcards focused on bringing in former players.

Encourage them to come back with a note highlighting new games and special events or simply saying you miss them at the table. Because a personal touch can enhance your effort, we’ve left the back of the postcard templates blank, allowing you to handwrite a message. Some examples of what to say are on the Resource Center.

Former players can be a great resource for growing your table count. Remind them of the fun they’re missing, let them know they are welcome at the club and invite them to return.

Need a logo for your GNT and NAP events? Updated versions are now available in the Resource Center.




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