Meet. Eat. Play.

The Atlanta Regional recently held a successful event that attracted many social players.

More than just a special game, it was a day full of fun activities. It began with a morning of shopping followed by a relaxed lunch. After that, players played a session of bridge from 1-3 p.m. with table helpers available.

Inspired by their event, we’ve designed a template invitation for such an outing — a chance to meet, eat and play. You can use it for a tournament or a club game. While shopping is one option, there are other activities you could include instead, like visiting a museum, knitting and other crafts or even a trip to the nail salon. Ask some social players what they would be interested in doing, and tailor your event accordingly.

Customize the invitation with your choice of activities and then have your members pass them out to their social-playing friends. By promoting a fun excursion, you’ll be taking away some of the anxiety that can come with trying duplicate.

At the end of the event, collect the players’ information to contact them later about future games and lessons.

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