A little PR goes a long way

Question: What costs nothing more than a phone call, email and some persistence but can provide a payoff as valuable as a full-page ad?

Answer: Public relations.
A well-crafted press release that leads to a news story can do three major things for bridge in your community:

idea_cards1. Increase your credibility.
Maybe it’s a story about
youth playing bridge or one
about seniors touting the
healthy aging benefits of the
game. Either way, a third party
just validated that bridge is a worthwhile activity, and your
club just became more credible
in the community.

2. Growth for your bottom line. One great media placement can create demand for bridge and lead to an increase in learners and players.

3. Create awareness. Research shows that people need to see an advertisement, hear a company name or see a logo seven times before they actually remember it. While people many not be interested in bridge the first
time it is offered, the more they hear about the game, the more likely they are
to join us.

We’ve created sample publicity templates you can modify to promote bridge in
your neighborhood.

• Rank achievement
• Milestone birthdays
• Regional/Sectional tournament

Newspapers are making budget cuts, and unfortunately, that includes staff resources. Often, the easier it is for a paper to tell your story, the more likely you will see it in print. We’ve created a pre-written article about bridge’s healthy aging benefits that you can customize with your information and submit to local newspaper outlets.

Want to write your own press release? Click here to read some writing and submission tips you can implement. Don’t forget the ACBL is here to help you along the way. If you have any questions about working with your local media or feel your news story has a broader appeal, please contact marketing@acbl.org.

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