New fliers and posters for youth

When promoting bridge to younger players, you need to adjust your usual tactics. One thing that’s important is changing the kinds of fliers and posters you use.  

We created new flier and poster templates to promote bridge and ran them by some middle schoolers. Two designs that caught their eye are now on the Resource Center for you to download and customize.

Both can be printed on letter-sized paper to be used as a flier or on larger paper to be used as a poster. Use them for a booth at a school fair, on the bulletin board of a local rec center and any other place or special event where youth may be.



Click for the Bored With the Same Old Thing or Try something New template. And don’t forget about the school bridge infographic!


Special announcement! Did you know you can now award masterpoints for games with prepared hands meant to teach a certain skill?

See the motion below:

Regular Club games with a masterpoint limit of 20 or less (0-5, 0-10, 0-20) are allowed to use prepared lesson hands for teaching purposes. A prepared hand is set up to allow students to practice a specific skill. The game must consist of at least six but no more than 12 boards and be held in conjunction with lessons. A minimum of at least eight players is required. If there are only two tables, the game must be run as a team event, individual event or Swiss pair game. Masterpoint awards are based on the club masterpoint games award chart. The normal table fees, if any, for club games are applicable.