Three ways you can increase your business today

There are three ways you can grow your club, class or tournament – developing new customers (players), increasing sales from your current ones or re-engaging your former ones.  In Tricks of the Trade, we talk a lot about how you can bring in new customers through marketing and public relations, so today we want to give you some ideas for tapping into your current players and students to grow to your desired level.

  1. Develop a “frequent player” reward system. Similar to your local family
    hair care salon giving the 10th cut for free, offer the 10th game FREE.Another option is to package the services your club offers. If you have an active teaching program or a partnership with a local teacher, offer a free playing lesson or class with the purchase of five games. This is not only good for the club because it encourages repeat business, but also for the teacher who has the opportunity to promote his or her services. Tournaments could boost attendance by offering players a “buy three-get one free” deal. Players only planning to play for the day will be enticed to purchase a third session and return later in the tournament.


  1. Incentivize your current players to bring their friends. Give your players a finder’s fee when they bring someone new to your club. Offer the new players their second game (or class) free and give the friend who referred them half off his or her next game. This encourages the new players to come again, rather than giving them their first game for free only to have them never return. Now you have two chances to create a bridge experience worthy of this player’s repeat business.


  1. Implement a mentor program. Assign new players a mentor to be their go-to person if they have any questions about the club, games or play. The mentor should also commit to playing several games with the new players to help them feel comfortable. Offer the mentors half off games played with their mentees. It’s likely just one transaction has increased your sales by 1.5 sessions because without the program, perhaps neither your mentee nor mentor would be playing! Need an example? Here is how the Edmonton AB Bridge Club runs their mentor program.

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