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When you need a little bit of direction, it’s best to ask the audience. Currently, the ACBL is working on a variety of projects to improve the support we provide bridge clubs. Here in the Marketing Department, we want to better understand your needs so that we can help you achieve your growth goals.

Please take a few minutes to complete a brief survey about your club. Input from this survey will directly impact an upcoming club marketing mailing and collateral development for the Resource Center.

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  1. Larry Meyer

    We hold two games per week – the Monday night is an ACBL sanctioned Open game, the Thursday night game is not sanctioned, no director, but several new players have started with Thursdays to get familiar with duplicate bridge before moving onto Mondays to ‘swim with the sharks’.

  2. Perry Poole

    We are a new and very successful center and wish to keep fresh and actively getting new players. Any hints will be appreciated. Thanks.

  3. Bill Jones

    we offer classes for intermediate players but few of these join in our club games.

  4. Ckhoptank DBC

    We have changed our playing site, and have increased out table count significantly,, from as average of 7-8 tables to 12-14. I expect
    to increase to 16, I am on the Eastern Shore of MD, with a low population. I get players from surrounding towns.
    What I need to do is start a “C” section with beginners. On doing this, I need all the help I can get.

  5. Mary Pat Miller

    We could recruit much needed new directors if ACBL Score was replaced with a newer easier to use system. I know you have been working on this but the delays are way too long.

  6. Alex Rajala

    I did try advertising for students. Three of us became accredited and taught (originally) ten tables of players. By week 3, when they first had to pay, we were down to 3 tables. Of that, one person has become a bridge player. I do not think it was our methods that led to such disappointing results.


  7. Suzanne Cook

    I’ve taught beginner bridge classes in the past. This year I had to cancel the proposed class because there were too few people signing up – not enough to pay the room rent. How do we draw more people to learn and play bridge at our club? We live in a small community of about 40,000 people.

  8. Dan Lester

    Used to do Common Game but a couple of goofy board members (it is a community non profit club) thought it was a conspiracy (yes really) and that all the games had “themes”. Oh well. Bridge results shows the hand records and results for us.

  9. Reilly

    With a business plan based exclusively on selling Master Points, you must better maintain their value and develop incentives to make people see their value. Social bridge, while a good thing, is becoming too large a part of duplicate.

  10. Sue Woodard

    We are an invitational club in an adult community. We do not pay rent for a room so we are obligated to only include players that live in the community. However, it is hard to grow a club when we are limited by the room size

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