Digital Marketing Made Simple

If you want to reach hundreds of interested bridge players on a shoestring budget, digital marketing is your best bet. What exactly is digital marketing? Think it sounds intimidating? Let us put your mind at ease with a few simple solutions and the resources to get started.

Today’s We Saved You a Seat ad template release has been especially tailored to meet your flier, newspaper and digital needs. The marketing team enjoyed working on this design and hope you like it as much as we do!

Digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media. The ACBL uses digital marketing to support campaigns for general membership, The Longest Day, North American Bridge Championships and more. Here are the three most effective ways we have found to reach bridge players using digital marketing.

 Facebook – With Facebook you set the budget in advance and pay per click. Using location, demographics and users’ online interests, you can define the audience for your ad. We recommend choosing an age range within the Baby Boomer population (the fastest growing users of Facebook) and interests that include bridge, duplicate bridge, card games, board games, etc. Facebook even has a tool to let you know if your audience selection is too broad. Remember, you want to reach a large number of people but the more targeted the better. Visit for more information.

Google AdWords – Setting up an AdWords campaign is very similar to Facebook, and the rates are also pay-per-click. Where Facebook promotes your ad to users who fit certain demographic and interest criteria, Google AdWords allows you to target based on what the user is searching for. If you are a bridge teacher or want to promote your club’s Intermediate/Newcomer program, use search words like: learn bridge, play bridge, learn to play bridge, bridge lessons, etc. Get more information at

Bridge Base Online – We promise “online” isn’t a dirty word. There are tens of thousands of active users of BBO who are not ACBL members, making them the perfect target audience. Did you know that the catalyst for poker’s surge in popularity was due to the game’s online players? Attendance at physical tournaments rose because there was a place to advertise to a captive audience. Don’t miss your chance to do the same! BBO has deeply discounted their advertising rates because they want to help clubs, teachers and tournaments be successful. Pricing begins at $75 a month to advertise your newcomer or social programs or lessons to three states/provinces of your choice. And because the ACBL will reimburse you 75% of your cost through CAP, that’s a mere $18.75 a month to reach active bridge players. Learn more about BBO’s advertising here,

How will you know if you’re successful? Digital campaigns are measured by clicks. It sounds low, but a .05% click-through-rate is a successful campaign. If you want to measure conversion, give an incentive for the user to mention the ad, such as a free gift at registration.

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