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touch_it-01“Don’t touch it, you might break it.”

This is, of course, the opposite of,

“Touch it, you can make it better.”

What’s the default where you work?

– Seth Godin, marketing guru and author of Permission Marketing, The Purple Cow, Tribe Marketing and more.

Since launching the ACBL Resource Center and its corresponding blog, Tricks of the Trade, the ACBL Marketing Department has been making a concerted effort to provide meaningful ideas and solutions to meet our club, teacher and tournament needs.

It can be challenging to determine the grassroots marketing needs of 3200 clubs, 5600 TAP-trained teachers and the thousands of unit- and district-level volunteers who are trying to effect change. That doesn’t stop us from trying, but we can’t do it without you.

Tell us what is working for you so we can do more of it. Tell us how what we’re creating could be modified to meet your needs. So please, we need you to touch it.

Leave comments on our blog and in the product reviews of the Resource Center or email us at



The schedule for the 2016 ACBL-wide/CBF-wide Special Events for clubs is ready and can be found here.

Provide your players the chance to win a gold point. The Instant Matchpoint Game will be held on Friday morning, October 16, 2015. It’s not too late to sign up. Club managers may register here.

Programming has been completed for clubs to submit their 2016 annual club game(s) sanction online. Club managers will access the application through their MyACBL portal via ACBL’s website.  Notifications will be sent by email later this month with the detailed instructions. Hard copies of the forms will not be mailed.



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