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show_and_tell“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.”Margaret Fuller (1810-1850, journalist, critic and women’s rights activist)

Frequently we hear from new clubs (or sometimes clubs with new leadership) that want to find out what others have done to engage players. It’s not as common when we get correspondence from someone sharing their strategies. Much to our pleasure, one such email was received last week.

Wendy Mohamed, an accredited teacher with the West Side DBC in Kelowna BC and teacher liaison for Unit 571, shared how she turned a wine and cheese lunch social into an opportunity to reach out to beginner and developing players alike. Below is a description she sent of her event.

We had an enthusiastic crowd for this special appreciation party for our membership and students.  Names were drawn for rookie/master partnerships and everyone I spoke to said they enjoyed their partner and their game.  I had many of my students comment that they ordinarily would not have attended a club game this soon in their bridge career but the invitation to a party enticed them and were very glad they came, pleasantly surprised to find such a friendly welcoming atmosphere.

Of course the free game, lunch and wine was an offer tough to refuse.  We had eleven full tables which was a good turnout for our young club, formed just 4 years ago.  We have larger cities to the north and south of us, so there’s lots of competition for new players in this area. Our club hopes to give the less experienced players encouragement and guidance but mostly, an opportunity to have a social and enjoyable afternoon.

But West Side Duplicate Bridge Club’s inspiration doesn’t stop there. If you’re looking for an example of how the new clip art can be used on your website, visit theirs at

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