Planning for Success

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The month of October is a busy one in ACBL-land. We’re analyzing data, setting goals for next year and budgeting accordingly. It’s also the time of year when the Marketing Department makes a plan of action to ensure we achieve the level of success that we desire next year.

There is so much more to the ACBL than marketing, and each department has a different set of goals. Some focus on improving the organization’s infrastructure, while others are centered on better serving the needs of our community. In the Marketing Department, we have a variety of programs that we manage. From assisting with promotional funding through the Cooperative Advertising Program, to streamlining the way tournaments are e-marketed. Even this blog you are reading right now serves a purpose to strengthen our relationship with you, our most valuable members.

Despite the variety that exists within the Marketing Department, we’re able to organize our goals and the projects that support them into three main categories: awareness, acquisition and retention.

Are you looking over your member list, student rosters and table counts to set realistic and achievable goals for your club, class or tournament? Comment on this post and let us know how you’re preparing for success in 2016.


Sharing your success…

Check out this commercial the Fresno Bridge Center in Fresno CA created using the new clip art on the Resource Center. The commercial is shown in the local movie theatre while patrons are awaiting the featured presentation. What creative ways are you using the materials available on the Resource Center? Let us know at!

Recognize your favorite teacher…

Congratulations to Jeff Schuett of Riverwoods IL on being named the 2015 Teacher of the Year at the American Bridge Teachers’ Association’s convention this past summer in Chicago. Nominations for the 2016 Teacher of the Year are now open. Learn more about the requirements and make your suggestion at


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