Stop, collaborate and listen

You may recognize this phrase from the 90s hit song “Ice, Ice, Baby.” But actually, Vanilla Ice didn’t have it all wrong.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 4.50.37 PMEvery day someone calls or emails the ACBL to ask for advice on how they can grow their club or attract more students to their class. What they really want to know is, “What has worked for others?”

We hear various ideas from successful clubs, teachers and tournaments. That’s why we started Tricks of the Trade — to share best practices. And you have responded! You’re downloading marketing templates and trying new tactics to develop interest in the game. But nothing beats hearing success stories directly from the source.


Today we launched the new forum feature on the ACBL Resource Center. This is a way you can interact with your peers and help each other grow. And we need you to participate because the forum will only be as useful as it is used.

You can access the forum from both Tricks of the Trade (left sidebar) and the Resource Center (main navigation bar). To get the conversation started, we created several topics about our more frequently asked questions. Leave a reply to one of our topics or start a new one of your own.


New in the Resource Center
The Longest Day 2016 guide and advertising templates are now available for download.

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