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Good news. We have data.

Twenty-five percent of ACBL members have fewer than 25 masterpoints. And half have less than 200 masterpoints. When looking for better ways to serve our community, these are very important data facts to bear in mind.

Clubs, what does this information mean for you? Greater than fifty percent of your opportunity is in limited games. It can be quite intimidating for a player with five masterpoints to play against someone with 250. Even though both players are not yet Life Masters, there is large discrepancy in their level of knowledge and comfort at the bridge table. Work with area teachers to learn more about your advancing player community and offer games at the limit and time they most desire.

Teachers, these numbers are especially beneficial for you! If we only take members with fewer than 25 masterpoints into account, this means that 40,955 ACBL members are ready to develop their skills and need your help to do so. Players with 0-5 masterpoints are especially eager to earn and play in a comfortable setting. If you don’t already, start offering your students a BRIDGE Plus+ game. Pending a few requirements, there are no sanction fees and you need not be a director to run the game.

Units and Districts, these numbers beg for you to provide a robust Intermediate/Newcomer program at your tournaments. If your schedule predominately caters to Life Masters and above, you’re not tapping into the deep market of advancing players. Take your service to the next level and hold an Intermediate/Newcomer tournament exclusively for them.



by providing a welcoming environment for advancing players to develop their game, we become a more inviting community to a wider collection of bridge players who may be too intimidated to give duplicate a chance.


The new automated online club game sanction renewal form has been a success.  We are pleased to see so many clubs participate for the first time.  Please contact Nancy Hale at 662-253-3134 or club@acbl.org if you have not renewed your 2016 game sanctions.

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