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    Darbi Padbury
    Darbi Padbury

    Neighborhood paper, radio, church bulletin… Where do you have the most success advertising?

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    Rod Smith

    Our club has had success attracting new players by offering free lessons at the public library. These are advertised thru the library promotional resources and by printed flyers posted in Senior Centers, fitness centers, golf courses, and similar.

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    Susan Fronapfel

    Word of mouth has been the most effective advertising for our club. We try to make sure all our players are aware of the programs the club offers and we encourage them to tell their friends. Email works well for this purpose because it’s so easy to forward. Players also like small flyers they can hand their friends.
    The second most effective advertising appears to be press releases picked up by local community newspapers. We send them press releases before a new series of lessons begins and whenever we have a story of general interest. We include information about regular games, our website, contact email and phone number in every press release. It seems best to write a press release so the paper can “cut and paste” it into their next issue; the less rewriting they have to do, the more likely a press release will be published.
    Our website also brings new players who are searching for bridge in the area.

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    Carol Rose

    It is a good idea to have a conversation with editors or writers featured in your local news paper. When asked how to garner free press they often times will share with you just how to do that. Give them a phone call and ask how.

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