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    Jane Lamont

    As a teacher and club owner of a new club, I can offer the continuity of a relationship. I have students emails already and ask new players for their emails for the reason below.
    The Club needs 3 tables to award Masterpoints, so I need players to register each week for the next game. I send out a weekly email asking for replies so that I can reply with a ‘Game On!’ or ‘Game Cancelled!’ email.
    In the email I list last week’s Masterpoint winners and the link to the Unit website where I upload the recap.
    I also include gossip/information/education. With the NABC recently held in Toronto, the CBC TV Network had a great piece on the National News of the event. I included that link in an email. Also, the Toronto Star did a good piece on it, a topic for an another email.
    Each new Bulletin is fodder for an email either of an editorial, such as the TV Series ‘Tin Star’. I live in High River, Alberta where it was produced and bridge players from our Unit were hired as extras. I included in the email, behind-the-scenes comments from the extras given to the Unit President who included them in his AGM Presidents Report.
    Now, I am pasting in columns from ‘Ruling The Game’ of upcoming Law changes that would impact players play at the Club level.
    I use the emails to explain games, such the first Club Championship and the first stratified game. Upcoming is the 2017 Great Western STaC game, which needs explaining due to the increased entry fee.
    I have a Facebook page for both teaching and Club, so these topics are transposed to Facebook pages.

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