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    JC Chupack

    I’m newly doing publicity for my unit. I’m curious what email list management tools other units and/or clubs are using. We have a fair number of folks in our unit who may want our emails but not the ACBL national emails, ACBL’s but not ours, etc. Prior to now, our unit seems to have been handling this very manually. I imagine something like Constant Contact would be much easier. What do you and/or your unit use?

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    Margaret Devere

    I learned recently that the ACBL is working with Pianola to provide much more sophisticated mailing list functionality. I forget most of the details, but we’ll be able to do things like select by masterpoint range.

    I think this is supposed to be available soon.

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    JC Chupack

    It’d be great if we had an ETA for that. I’d hate to spend effort getting set up with MailChimp (which after vetting is probably my tool of choice…low cost and has the features needed) if there’s a unified solution coming in the next 3 months.

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    Mary Margaret Hamlett

    I publish a weekly newsletter for our club, which has over 550 members. We use Constant Contact to manage our email lists and mail the newsletter. We have been using Constant Contact for about 18 months and find it very easy to navigate.

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    Darbi Padbury

    Hi everyone. I’m excited to read that you are taking the steps to better communicate with your units. The ACBL has partnered with Pianola and we are launching a new product in March – Marketing Solutions, powered by Pianola – that I believe will meet many of your needs. Read more about it here – http://www.acbl.org/marketing/marketing-solutions/. If you have questions, feel free to email me at darbi.padbury@acbl.org.

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    Jo-Ann Vaughn

    Darbi, I clicked on the link you provided. Sounds like the Pianola is only going to be available to Units and Districts. What about Clubs? Thanks

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