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    Darbi Padbury
    Darbi Padbury

    When a new player visits your club or class for the first time, what do you do to make the right first impression?

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    Pam Anderson

    I personally introduce myself to every new player at my club. I hand them a business card and tell them that they can call or email me at any time. I also give every new player a ticket to come back to my club and play for free on their second visit. Roughly 60% of my new players return. I believe that if they come to my game twice they will continue to support my game. Along with the free ticket I give everyone a flyer that includes my game schedule and some house rules.

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    Barbara Doster

    I also give a free-play card to a new player in our club, good for their next visit, and I give the person who invited them a free-play card also. Our club has 7 directors; one new activity is for all directors present in that game make a point of introducing themselves to the visitor during the afternoon.

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      This is way more helpful than annithyg else I’ve looked at.

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    Great inhtisg! That’s the answer we’ve been looking for.

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